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The structure of the arrangement is simple in form and designed to allow the physician to own ancillary services while taking advantage of the management expertise and quality staff of Aspen Healthcare. When thorough analysis reveals a good fit for ancillary service(s) within an individual medical practice, Aspen can provide a turn-key business model that allows for efficiency through economies of scale. Quite simply, Aspen Healthcare allows the medical practice to expand the scope of service without the daunting cost and burden of adding staff and business infrastructure to do so. The comparisons below illustrate the Aspen Healthcare advantages.

Uncertainty, effort, time, and hassle in planning and developing ancillary program that may or may not fully serve the intent of the practice. Proven streamlined system of analysis and turn-key implementation of ancillary program that is scaled to needs and means of individual practices.
Increased risk in start-up costs with legal due diligence for addition of ancillary service. Reduced risk by Stark compliance and legal work completed through Aspen Healthcare’s due diligence with state and federal provisions.
Unstable and constantly evolving regulatory environment pertinent to ancillary services and physician ownership. Direct link to authoritative guidance and legal experts in the areas regarding ancillary services.
Higher risk and hassle in recruiting, credentialing, and retaining professional and managerial staff for ancillary program. Turn-key staffing and credentialing with experienced, loyal staff committed to clinical excellence.
Staffing and management based on one facility creating coverage issues and need to address HR issues such as vacation, recruiting, licensure currency, staff development, and turn-over. Staffing based on multiple facilities with ability to easily cover vacation/time-off without business disruption. HR managed by Aspen with client paying only for hours worked by Aspen Staff.
Difficult and time consuming to manage and track issues inherent to the ancillary component of the practice. Proven system and communication means to always have accurate efficient evaluation of the ancillary program coupled with ability of Aspen to guide decisions relevant to ancillary services.
Need for persistent managing of reimbursement issues within the realm of each ancillary service being rendered. Experience in each specific ancillary service with optimizing reimbursement and availability of multiple ancillary services with same trusted partner.

Regardless of the structure used to develop ancillary services within a medical practice, significant consideration must be given to legislative issues and strong business practices to avoid legal & financial pitfalls. Aspen Healthcare has invested heavily in legal and business expertise to ensure that these issues are adequately addressed with each potential and ongoing relationship.

Although there can be significant benefits in adding ancillary services to your practice, it is important to analyze several factors before proceeding. Aspen Healthcare is poised to assist in strategic business planning.

Some of the issues that are assessed with the evaluation process include:
  • Patient volumes within the practice
  • Patient diagnosis mix
  • Payer Mix
  • Physical space/real estate
  • Existing competition & relationships
  • Patient compliance
  • Current referral patterns
  • Existing insurance contracts
  • Current billing systems

If the addition of ancillary services makes sense for your practice, Aspen Healthcare can deliver a proven turn-key business model that will boost the convenience, clinical care, and viability of your practice. Aspen Healthcare is a medical partner you can trust and grow with.

If you are interested in analyzing your practice in consideration of adding ancillary services, please visit the contact us section. We can answer any questions you have and provide you with detailed analysis within a very short time.
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